16 reasons why this research will change how you look at news consumption

Paul Bradshaw, UC Berkeley, Sept 23, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is not a listicle (list-based article) even though the headline suggests it is. The '16' in the title refers to 16 different ways of using news media, and the report compares them across different dimensions: engagement, amount remembered, and the like. So we get suggestions like: "Reading is about depth; listening is barely remembered." Which may be true, but I still love the audio podcasts, because it's not about memory (as an aside, I wish someone would one day analyze the relation between content and public service announcements in 1950s radio dramas in the U.S. and the social revolution that followed; I think there are all sorts of ways to show that the influence of audio is pervasive even if it is not remembered).

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