A to Z of Learning

Donald Clark, CNet News.com, PsychCentral, May 07, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

From aLearning to eLearning to zLearning - a good idea, but I think Donald Clark missed the mark on a few letters. Like rLearning, which he says must be 'Redundant Learning', really (it seems to me) would be better suited for 'Rote Learning'. vLearning he calls 'Various Learning' but it should obviously be 'Virtual Learning'. xLearning he called 'Xenodochial Learning' but really should be 'eXtended Learning' as in TEDx, EdX, and xMOOCs. 'yLearning' should be 'You L:earning', 'uLearning' should be 'Ubiquitous Learning'.

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