MOOC Evaluation & Disruptive Technologies

Robert Farrow, , Jul 25, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting summary of two recent items: first, an evaluation report of the OLDS MOOC curriculum design course by Simon Cross, and second, a suggestion from Gilly Salmon that MOOCs should be evaluated by their capacity for disruption. Reading the evaluation report, it feels like something other than participation numbers should be used (the usual satisfsaction surveys don't help a lot either). Even allowing for uncertainty in measurements, the participation rate drops steeply (though it occurs to me that the best way to dramatically reduce the dropoff would be to eliminate the initial registration altogether). Salmon, meanwhile, suggests MOOCs should be evaluated "by their capacity and capability to create positive and successful change for universities of the future" - a measure that Robert Farrow says "an be achieved in a number of ways (not all of which are desirable)."

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