The Death and Rebirth of Sakai OAE

Michael Feldstein, Jun 24, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

If you are wondering whatever happened to Sakai OAE (Open Academic Environment), the open source (or, more accurately, community sourse) learning management system (LMS) created by a coalition of major universities, well, it basically died. "The vastly reduced project team, consisting mainly of Cambridge, Georgia Tech, and Marist College, went into quiet mode as they attempted to figure out what could be salvaged. Now, about nine months later, they have re-emerged with a late beta of a completely re-architected system, promising a 1.0 release in early July. They have also rebranded them project as Apereo OAE, named after the new organization that is the merger of the Sakai and Jasig Foundations." Feldstein suggests that there is a future for the project: "I could see, for example, how OAE could be a terrific hub for Connectionist MOOCs, particularly if it were to add RSS aggregation and sharing capabilities or even deeper WordPress integration." Yeah, just add that, it's easy.

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