Rate Rule, MOOCs drool

Mike Caulfield, Apr 04, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Mike Caulfield picks up on the new terminology I've been hearing over the last few days: "The 'wrapped MOOC' has gained attention over the past year as a way to integrate MOOCs into traditional education. ... in practice most educators are not 'wrapping' the cohort experience, but are instead using the MOOC as robust OER." yes, from what I've been hearing, people are using the term 'MOOC' interchangeably with 'online course materialks'. But that's a very long way from the original conceptionm where a MOOC is the actual instance of conducting a class openly online. So what explains  this shift? (The same thing happened to 'learning objects' - they were originally pieces of object-oriented programming, but became packages of published course contents).

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