A Language Learning MOOC – Thoughts & Vision

Glen Cochrane, Feb 15, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A 'Language MOOC' (or LMOOC) is a MOOC created for the purpose of helping participants learn a language. As can be imagined, the conversational format of an LMOOC lends itself well to this purpose. English Eco is an example of an LMOOC. What's interesting is that it is open to facilitators as well as to students - anyone can create a topic of discussion, set it up, and carrty it out over a two-week priod. My main comment would be that it is not clear when this MOOC starts, whether it has already started, whether there is a topic currently underway, how I access that topic, and how I take part. There needs to be, in other words, a clear 'on ramp' for participants.

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