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David Jones is declaring the MOOC a fad and adding that he developed his first open online course in 1996. Here it is. Yes, fine, and here is my open online course from 1996. Here's my fallacies course from 1995. And here is Patrick Crispen's 1994 email-based "Internet Roadmap" course, which infleunced me a lot. But simply opening a course online does not create a MOOC. What makes a MOOC is the way it is designed - it supports thousands of users that fully interact because it is distributed. It's not located in just one place, it is located in many places. In fact, even if you removed the central course page, you should still be able to follow the course online by following and being a part of the exchanges of resources and interactions among the participants. A MOOC is a web, not a website.  The core of the MOOC is the gRSShopper aggregation engine, and that's what made a MOOC possible. That's why we claim to have developed the MOOC, rather than crediting people like Couros of Wiley - or, for that matter, Jones, or earlier incarnations of ourselves.

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