Sensemaking artifacts

George Siemens, Connectivism, Dec 15, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I agree with the general point being made here, but not with the way it is couched in language to a specific approach to learning (in particular, I do not think of learning as 'sensamaking' I think of learning as a combination of personal empowerment and personal growth). So we can drop the 'sensemaking' vocabulary to come up with what (I would take as) a coherent account: "In our work in open online courses, we’ve found consistent patterns emerging as learners interact with each other and with information.... learners begin exploring and negotiating the domain of knowledge. In the process, they produce artifacts, such as the images posted above. Artifacts can include a blog post, an image, a video, a podcast, a live performance – basically anything..." The artifact doesn't need to explain how they've made sense of a thing - it can express any number of reactions to the thing. Ah - but we'll have a whole 'nother course to hash this out. Announcement soon, maybe.
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