elearnspace Interview: Maish R Nichani

George Siemens, elearnspace, Feb 21, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some great quotes in this interview as George Siemens interviews elearningpost's Maish Nichani. Elearningpost is, of course, the source for a number of the links that appear here (and vice versa; it's the synergy of blogging) and many of the attitudes espressed in the selection of materials are similar. Says Nichani, "One of the e-learning companies I worked with had Gagne's 9 events as a part of the process that every instruction had to go through. They strongly believed that this would produce high quality and effective instruction. The problem was that the learners viewed the courses as lullabies! That's the problem with heuristics--they belie designers into thinking that they know it all. Heuristics, rules, and processes are just blinders. They limit your vision. They are handy only when they are used with a heavy dose of practice. Both process and practice make a discipline."
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