Technical and Vocational Education and Training for the Twenty-first Century

Sir John Daniel, UNESCO, ILO, Jul 25, 2002
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a sweeping and ambitious document, and which I can (and will) quibble with the details, I am in general support of its overall ambitions and direction. No nation should form a vocational education strategy without consulting this document. This is a revised version of an earlier document. A flavour: "The challenges facing technical and vocational education in the twenty-firstCRLFcentury demand learner-centred innovative and flexible approaches including a reoriented curriculum to take account of new subjects and issues such as technology, the environment, foreign languages and cultures, entrepreneurship and the requirements of rapidly growing service industries. Theory and practice should form an integrated whole and be presented in a manner that motivates the learners. Experience in the laboratory, workshop and/or enterprises should be linked to mathematical and scientific foundations,CRLFand conversely, technical theory, as well as the mathematics and science underlying it, should be illustrated through their practical applications."
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