An Educator Discovers his SecondLife

Terry Anderson, Virtual Canuck, Jul 19, 2006
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Nice breezy description of Second Life from an educator's point of view. Terry Anderson notes that it requires a lot of computer power (he had to shut down other applications) and may require more bandwidth than some users have. he also comments, "Creating an educational environment in close proximity to enterprise focused on sex, rock and roll and gambling, presents a host of moral and ethical concerns." Of course, my thinking is a bit different: why would the emphasis be on 'creating an educational environment'? Why do people always want to build a 'campus' or 'school' in these artificial environments? I would rather want to know how we can make learning accessible to the people who use such an environment - on-demand sailing lessons, for example, available on the boat to people who want to learn to to SL sail.
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