We support free learning and have posted the Free Learning badge.

Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web
Jay Cross, Informal Learning Blog
Caterina Policaro, Catepol 3.0
David Burns, Helping With Math
Ryan Tracey, E-Learning Provocateur
Evaristo Ovide, Aprendiendo Online
Rob Wilkins, Ruminations of a Learning and Development Professional
Ruth Howard, Ruth Howard
Doug Peterson, doug - off the record
Mario Núñez Molina, DigiZen: Un Blogfesor Aprendiendo
Benjamin Stewart, EduQuiki
Brent MacKinnon, Social Media Tools for Work & Learning
Thomas Clancy, Clancy Writing Actualized
Judy Baker, Community College Open Educational Resources Consortium
Claribel López, Educación Virtual "Fantasía o Realidad"
Paul Left, verso.co.nz
Patricia Donaghy, Free Resources for Education
Nellie Deutsch, WikiEducator, IT4ALL, nelliemuller.com and Passionate about Learning (PaL)
Luz Pearson, escuela/workinprogress
Edgar Altamirano Carmona, Aprender el futuro
Wendy Drexler, Teach Web
Zaid Ali Alsagoff, ZaidLearn
Todd Bryant, The Mixxer
Antonio Fini, Anto'studd
Gabriel Guillén, Blogs Exchange
Jorge Israel, magistergestioneducacionaliedeudla
Jean-François Savard, Journal d'un blogueur en devenir
Inge de Waard, IgnatiaWebs
Thomas Steele-Maley, Steelmaley.Net
Evgeny Volkov, Social Impact and Critical Thinking (in Russian)
Verónica Vázquez Zentella, Con sabor educativo
Geoff Cain, Brainstorm in Progress
Ana CristinaCristinaSkyBox
Jacques du Plessis, Open Languages
Lee Ballantyne, leelearning, leefolio
Silvia Purpuri, Sunflower EFL
Serena Turri, serenaturri's Blog
Ari Bancale , A Gamer's Guide to Real Life
Rasaya Marimuthu, Language Learning
Hugues Chicoine, ex libris
Jessie Chuang, Educational Resources / Open Educational Resources,O.E.R.
Mohsen Saadatmand, Digital Participation
Judith Comfort, Open Library BC
Devaji Patil, Zoya
Patricia Coppock, Coppock's Corner
Sandy Hirtz, Open Schooling Connect and CEET
Jacques Cool, L’espace à Zecool
Emily Purser, Another Space Oddity
Claudia Guerrero, De acá y de allá
Leni Spooner, All Things Moocable
Rebecca J. Hogue, Ed Tech
Jaap Bosman, Hit the balloon and comment

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