I work in the Learning and Performance Support Systems program at the National Research Council, a multi-year effort to develop personal learning technology and learning analytics. I am one of the originators of the Massive Open Online Course, write about online and networked learning, have authored learning management and content syndication software, and am the author of the widely read e-learning newsletter OLDaily.


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JATS4R: Optimizing the Reusability of Scholarly Content


Adding to the alphabet soup of standards and specifications is JATS4R - 'JATS for Reuse', where JATS is 'Journal Article Tag Suite'. Then" the Open Access Media Importer (OAMI) was the original use case for JATS4R." Released by NISO as as NISO z39.96-2015, JATS is "effectively the XML-equivalent of the Tower of Babel... it is often too flexible for the huge variety of systems and applications available for journal content." Hence the need for JATS4R, which standardized the content of the data elements.  

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The crowdsourcing fallacy


Jake Orlowitz makes the important point thta crowdsourcing isn't simply about assembling a crowd. A number of things need to be in place before the crowd can work effectively, and he lists a bunch of them: the crowd has to be diverse, there are areas for growth and engagement, there are mechanisms to address abuse, and there aren't hoops you have to jump through to participate, among others. "Knowing all this, next time you have a problem and want to add some crowd to it, at least consider the people, ideology, task, mission, platform, journey, adaptations, mores, resiliency, motivators, barriers to entry, prerequisites, distractions, and competitors." Good advice.

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Celebrating ORCID@5 with the launch of new resources!


ORCiD is an identification system for scholars and researchers, and is often used in journals to establish unique identity. This is useful because different researchers often have the same name (in my case there's another Stephen Downes who works in philosophy of mind - very confusing). This post marks five years of ORCiD with some new resources. The resources are fairly basic and introductory, but if you're unfamiliar with ORCiD they'r the perfect place to start.

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