Learning in Synch with Life: New Models, New Processes
May 25, 2006
Commentary by Stephen Downes

George Siemens has released a white paper created, as he says, "for Google's 2006 Training Summit." It's a nice breezy account of Connectivism, written in classic white paper style with many useful images and graphics. I am intrigued to note that it is copyrighted to "Complexive Systems Inc.," a consulting and reserach firm founded by Siemens. I will note that the last section of the paper ('Implementation') could have been dropped with no loss. Indeed, saying things like 'analysis before implementation can prevent costly errors' and 'develop the skills of learners' doesn't really advance anyone's understanding. Sure, we need to 'create the space in which learning occurs,' but what does that mean? And are these things even true? I have my doubts about all three of them. Total: 212
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Re: Learning in Synch with Life: New Models, New Processes

Hi Steven, I'm afraid I disagree with your comment that the Implementation section could have been dropped. Yes, it's the weakest part of the paper. But, now that the theory has been worked on over the last couple of years, we really need to get down to thinking about how it's worked out in practice. How do we encourage organisations (and I'm thinking in a work context) to enable a good environment for individuals to learn and connect, and not just develop learning programmes? For a start, we need to help individuals develop their learning skills. It's started in schools (http://www.salt.cheshire.gov.uk/mfl/index.htm) but we need to extend it to adult learners in the workplace. All the best, Mark [Comment] [Permalink]

Re: Learning in Synch with Life: New Models, New Processes

My intent was to say that the section is weak. Of course we should talk about implementation. But that discussion of implementation could have been dropped. [Comment] [Permalink]

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