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Sure, it's fun to imagine the mind-set of students who are 18 years old today (born in 1987), but really, the list in Inside Higher Ed is pretty lame. A better list? The moon landing ahppened 18 years before they were born (by contrast, World War II ended 14 years before I was born). There has never been a Berlin Wall (fell in 1989) and Russia has always been a (chaotic) democracy. Europe has always been (more or less) united. Africa has always been poor, but Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore have always been well off. The price of oil has always been rising, the envrionment has always been warm and stormy, monarch butterflies have always been scarce and houses have always been too expensive to afford. The people they know from China and India (and they know people from China and India) have always been educated and engaging, chat and content have always been free, and the web (1995) has existed almost as long as they can remember.

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