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This article starts from the premise that the content-hoarders have lost and that "the army of all of us, the ones who weren’t in charge, the ones without the arms — won." What does that mean? "The value is no longer in owning content or distribution. The value is in relationships. The value is in trust." I think this is true but also that it's a lot more complicated than it seems at first glance. 'Conversation' is the sort of thing humans do easily, like recognizing friends and knowing when to put on a jacket. But in the world of software and algorithms, these easy things are hard. Think, for a moment, about recognizing your friend on the street. How did you do this? Did you organize all your friends into folders? Did you put a little lable (or tag) on all your friends? The obvious answers don't work. And yet (to paraphrase David Hume) it's something even little children can do.

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