Digital Youth: How today’s students use digital content in school vs. at home.

Unattributed, Cable in the Classroom, Aug 18, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The fall issue of Threshold, Cable in the Classroom's magazine, is out and this article is the most interesting of the bunch (the rest of articles don't go a lot of depth and tend to repeat pretty much the same points). In this article, students comment on how their use of the internet at home differs from that at school. Check this: "We can never find any good information online, since they set the site blocker’s level so high. If we can’t accessthe sites we need, we have to wait until we are at home. Some schools, my own included, have really strict rulesCRLFabout the use of electronic devices, so we have to useCRLFthose at home as well." See, you can wire a school, but that doesn't mean your using the internet. As for the magazine as a whole: it should have an HTML version, instead of user-hostile PDFs, it should have an RSS feed so we know when new articles are available, and it should lose the $4.99 subscription fee.
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