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Tom Hoffman argues that the educational blogosphere is less developed than other areas because there's not enough conversation going on. Writers, for example, "chirpily" approve links like Andy Carvins's recent suggestion on how to use a wiki to teach students. Carvin's "whole premise" seems to be "that Wikipedia entries... have a non-trivial number of unambiguous factual errors." Well, no. What Carvin in fact says is that "either they'll verify that a particular factoid is correct, or they'll prove that it's not." Either way works fine. But is it true than edublogger's don't add value? Hoffman had no way of knowing about my own article, written Sunday, in response to a similar point - but he should know about the hundreds I've written previously. A similar point could be made about the other edubloggers I read every day (or at least, every day they write). There is a lot of conversation in the educational blogosphere.

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