Eighth International Open Forum on Metadata Registries

Various authors, Jun 17, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Presentations (PowerPoint, zipped files) are now available from the from the Eighth International Open Forum on Metadata Registries held last week. The theme was Semantic Interoperability: Where Meaning Meets Metadata. Many great items; I list a few below:

CRLF- Bruce Bargmeyer offers a very nice outline of metadata concepts, relations between metadata organizations, and metadata expressed in graph structure.
CRLF- Thomas Bandholtz looks at topics maps as a means of linking metadata.
CRLF- Gerhard Budin discusses e-learning metadata and learning outcomes in a multicultural perspective.
CRLF- Gerry Cunningham describes UNEP.net, an open metadata discovery framework.
CRLF- Sam Chance, discussing the Extended Metadata Registry (XMDR), offers a nice Observe-Orient-Decide-Act framework (slide 5) and a great metadata complexity diagram (slide 6)
CRLF- Cynthis Dickinson talks about the disconnect between classification scheme items and their meanings. "There is no place for “meaning” to be described." (Slide 11)
CRLF- Frank Farance explains metadata registries interoperability and bindings

CRLFMany, many more.CRLF
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