David Wiley, ADL Plugfest, Apr 08, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some good points in this presentation, but author David Wiley takes a stance that is more to the middle of the road for my liking (Scott Leslie calls him a "a lone voice in the wilderness," and he probably is in the ADL crowd, but from my perspective he is more establishment - it's all point of view, I guess). Anyhow, Wiley sets up a nice distinction between the "Centralized / Top-down Camp" (which favours intelligent tutoring systems, automated LO assembly systems, advanced visualization techniques and the like) and the "Decentralized / Bottom-up Camp" (which favours large scale self-organizing social systems, content creation, and more). But his main point is that design consists of "making instructional choices under a set of constraints" and that the right design is a little of each camp, depending on the constraint. Viewed from this perspective, SCORM, as a set of constraints, is "not about people learning more, better, or faster," but instead, enabling interoperability and distance learning - and design, therefore, is "getting the job done" within the constraints of SCORM.
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