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I torn, at least on the surface. As I stated a couple of days ago, and see increasingly in my own work, no one person can master everything in a domain; innovation is therefore the product of a group and not an individual. So the answer is to form a team, right? But I'm not about subsuming my ideas under some sort of corporate or messianic 'vision' or 'programme' - I function best when I am pursuing my own agenda and my own ideas. I want autonomy. The tenor of this article helps resolve the dilemma: "As managers, we need to shift our thinking from command and control to coordinate and cultivate -- the best way to gain power is sometimes to give it away." This reflects my own feelings about management - and about learning, for that matter. But too few managers, and too few instructors, are willing to let go. Via George Siemens, who also links to Part Two.

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