David Wiley, Jan 04, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

David Wiley created a nifty little tool over the holidays, a script that grabs popular links in del.icio.us and wraps them in an RSS feed. Written in Python, which (thanks to my holiday project) I can now read. A couple of things: first, from what I can see, del.icio.us (and therefore oishii, even more so) are what might be called 'echos' - they don't capture a resource when it first comes out, but rather, later in life, when it has become popular. Second, aggregator spamming has clearly hit del.icio.us (and therefore oishii). Blogdex has been rendered almost useless by Lycos pollution, and oishii (right now) is displaying some spam links. This is why I say, selective harvesting has a brighter future than global harvesting.
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