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I looked longingly at a Creative Zen today (what you should buy instead of an iPod if you're thinking of buying an iPod). Sound appeals to me - I've had a different sort of vibe from readers since posting my audio online (hard to quantify or even describe - let's just say there's a noticable difference in the feel of the responses). And though I have always thought I write as I speak, looking at some transcripts tells me this isn't so - when I speak there's a multi-dimensional multi-threaded aspect quite missing from the writing (get the feeling from this transcript from my talk in Canberra (and Part Two, unfinished - feel free to add to my transcriptions ;) So - maybe podcasting is the future? But unlike the people described in this article, I read much faster than I listen, and I type at about the same speed as I speak - so for me there's a speed advantage in text, a huge one. But I think maybe I'm the exception to the rule. So maybe podcasting will play a much larger role than I thought. Rod - if I buy the Creative Zen, do I get reimbursed? I have some research to do...

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