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So anyhow, welcome from Cairns, Australia. I had a fun day today, which began by my missing my flight from Brisbane to Cairns (more accurately - I arrived at the airport in plenty of time, Quantas had me stand in line for an hour and then told me I was too late). So Monday's OLDaily arrives sometime Tuesday. I will try to keep publishing regularly, but expect outages and delays as I am now (I guess) on the outs with Qantas. Some great stuff in today's newsletter; let's start with this item, in which yet another academic blames an assistant for plagiarism (comne on, take some responsibility guys) and this bit in which David Weinberger fills his article so full of qualifiers you can't find the radicalism for looking - *sigh* bite the bullet Dave, or stay home. Yeah, I'm in a rare mood today. A good mood, but don't stand between me and my coffee.

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