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The argument that AI is violating copyright is being used mostly to eliminate it as competition; the question of whether it actually copies content (it doesn't) is moot. This is clear in this article, which describes an agreement whereby Picsart trains an AI model using Getty licensed images, creating a new image platform for both companies. The play is that this is legally safe - a clause risk-averse lawyers will embrace with enthusiasm. "the deal aims to provide "commercially safe AI-generated imagery" for creators, marketers and small businesses (and) it will offer customers commercial rights and indemnity for the images they create." It feels more like a protection racket than a service, even as it makes the hollow promise to develop "new ways to compensate the creators of the images used to train the AI model." See also this deal between Business Insider and OpenAI. The common foe shared by all, of course, is genuinely open access AI, which they would like to prevent as soon as possible.

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