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The concern is over things like this: "In a LinkedIn post entitled Our coming AI Natives Prensky suggests that 'young people will grow up understanding how to control Generative AI just as they learn to direct their own bodies and minds, with much of the guidance they need in their pockets or chipped into their bodies'." Dave Cormier wrote on Twitter (now inaccessible unless you log in) "I've now seen the expression 'AI-Native' to describe the children who were 'born in the age of AI' because, I dunnno, they're going to grow gills or something." Sure, the whole 'digital native' thing was overblown. But we also make jokes today about young people not knowing what a DVD is or not understanding that phones had wires. It has more to do with exposure than age, obviously, but people do adapt, and it's worth adking how they'll adapt. Probably not with gills, though.

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