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Daniel Christian summarizes three articles looking at the recently released AI models. Though I think the lead article on LearnLM from AI Supremacy isn't useful (it feels like an AI-assembled jumble of acontextual platitudes) the second makes an important point: "This tool (ChatGPT4o) is ideally positioned not only to instruct but also to sell products, shape minds, and manipulate real world events." The third is also interesting, but in a different way, as it makes the claim that free products are "market distortions". For example, "the entire LMS market of the 2000s sagged under the weight of Google Classroom's $0 price tag." But - importantly - there's no such thing as a non-distorted market. There's no 'natural state' of the market - that's just fantasy. The very concept of the market entails people trying to 'distort' the market by manipulating either supply or demand.

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