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This item is fun if you follow the links. It announces a new initiative: "Ufi VocTech Trust and The RSA have launched the Digital Badging Commission to broaden the understanding, development and adoption of digital badges by accrediting organisations and employers." No, it's not that RSA, it's this one.  Follow Maryam Darby to get to SkillsBuilder, which advocates the the Skills Builder Universal Framework ("the eight essential skills to succeed"). Follow Rosie Clayton to find Rethinking Assessment, which includes a presentation (13 page PDF) on "gathering and sharing their learning, experiences and achievements, beyond just exam grades - building their own personal profiles using existing platforms such as LinkedIn, telling a different story of who they are as a learner." Follow Philip LeFeuvre to get to NCFE (formerly the Northern Council for Further Education) (don't bother with the LinkedIn page, there's no link to the site), an educational charity with union roots supporting vocational and technical learning. There's a bunch more, but you get the idea. Via Doug Belshaw.

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