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This post offers an overview of GPT-4o, the new model released by chatGPT. "GPT-4o appears to be a step up over GPT-4 and is the smartest model I have used. However, it does not represent a major leap over the previous version of GPT-4, the way that GPT-4 was a 10x improvement over the free GPT-3.5." That accords with my own experience. Also, "soon everyone, whether they are paying or not, will get access to GPT-4o." I've been paying for GPT-4, and will probably keep paying, but as Ethan Mollick says, "that $20 a month barrier kept many people from understanding how impressive AI can be, and for gaining any benefit from AI. That is no longer true."

This is a quite good overview of the announcements from OpenAI. The most fun bit: " If you want to try it out, here is Data Analysis Buddy, which, given a dataset, will help you explore it in sophisticated ways. (The best way to see what Code Interpreter does is to try it. Some datasets to try out: all the dialogue from Shakespeare, lists of superheroes and their powers)." Following these will also introduce you to Kaggle, "the largest AI & ML community... a huge repository of community-published models, data & code for your next project."

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