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"I was at an event recently and a speaker was late so was asked to do a 20 minute slot, unscripted, no props/slides etc.," writes Andrew Jacobs. "If it happened to you, what could you do a tight 20 on?" My answer - and it should be your answer too - would be "anything". That's the different between knowledge as 'remembering' and knowledge as 'learning'. Anything I've ever heard about, I could talk about for twenty minutes simply by organizing and presenting my thoughts on the topic. Do a 'quick three' - past, present or future; my view, your view, synthesis; etc. For each six minute segment, build the case - something concrete, something general, a conclusion to be drawn (or: an odd phenomenon, a general principle, an explanation to be given). Each of these is only two minutes, and you'll be pressed for time to make the point, but try: a couple points of reference or evidence, and the point is made. Anyone can do this about anything - if they've learned how. And if they've learned how, they know how to learn about any new subject they encounter.

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