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You've probably already read AI-generated articles without knowing it. This article reports on an investigation into AdVon Commerce, the AI contractor at the heart of scandals at USA Today and Sports Illustrated. Author Maggie Harrison Dupré outlines the company's strategy of using AI to author review articles to be published on high profile websites. The idea is that the articles contain affiliate links that generate revenue if a reader clicks through and buys something. The articles are sometimes attributed to AI-generated authors whos profiles are reused over and over. This is a lengthy and detailed article that presents a lot of evidence along with the back-and-forth between the author and AdVon as the company denies many of the allegations. For my own part, I see no problem with AI-generated content if it's accurate, well-written, and not intended to deceive. But as the publishing industry spirals downward we see more and more the influence of bad actors filling the web with dishonest pollution. Via TWIG.

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