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This report speaks more to the broader futurist ambitions of this newsletter than to educational technology (EdTech) specifically. Apparently there's a brach of the Canadian government called Policy Horizons Canada (who knew?) and this report reflects what they see as potential disruptions, both in terms of projected liklihood as well as potential impact. The most likely risk is that "people cannot tell what is true and what is not", and it is projected as a short term and high impact risk. Another likely disruption? "Billionaires run the world". This is not surprisingly correlated with "democratic systems break down" and eventually "world war breaks out," which is the highest impact projection on the board. Also very likely in the medium term: biodiversity breaks down. None of this is particularly good, and if you're designing technology, it really is necessary to take all these risks into consideration. Also available as a 37 page PDF.

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