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There are many ways to read this article. I'm here for the way the author criticizes billionaires, but that's not why I'm sharing it, that's just a bonus. No, what I ask readers to consider is what we want the outcome of an education to be by considering the four points of a pyramid: a young Marc Andreesen who as a student at a public university was able to develop the first commercial web browser; the second, the author of the piece, an apparent 'intellectual', familiar with the works of Agnes Martin, Claes Oldenburg, Julius Evola and Corey Robin; the aforementioned billionaire who believes people like him "should get to make decisions to reorder life as we know it without interference from anyone else"; or the people in small towns who value "the ordinary comforts of kinship, friendship, craft, memory, legend, lore, skills passed down across generations." Don't answer too quickly. Via Dan Gillmor.

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