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Would Immanuel Kant - a world-famous philosopher who lived in 18th century Prussia - be as popular as an influencer today? The early evidence suggests he would. Created using an AI is "Manu, a 23-year-old influencer who, as @manumanukant, lives a typical young life in 2024. With an Instagram bio that describes himself as 'Spreading good vibes and deep thoughts' he's a handsome young guy who shares images, selfies (himself looking soulful in bookstores for example), stories, and reels and comments." The image is based on actual photos of Kant in his youth, while the content is drawn from his work (rewritten to be more accessible to a 21st century audience). "Since quietly launching on Instagram and Threads in January, the account, which was designed to peak on April 22, Kant's 300th birthday, has achieved over 384.8 thousand impressions, reached 82.4 thousand accounts, and has an engagement rate of 51.2%."

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