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You may not think of children's vaccines as educational technology, but I think of it as the second educational technology, following only the first: proper nutrition. This tech stuff we do? That only helps once we've addressed the rally major issues created by child poverty and misinformation about health. I'm old enought that I got all the diseases when I was a kid - measles, German measles, chickenpox, mumps. Everybody got them, and a few of the kids died. What would have been better than running that gauntlet? Immunization. "We have forgotten how many children used to die before their fifth birthday," writes Kristen Panthagani. I haven't forgotten. That's why I get a flu shot every year and make sure I'm up on my Covid shots. I've remained flu-free for years and years, and entirely covid-free. I hope to stay that way. Via Robin DeRosa.

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