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Nobody needs to convince me of the importance of mental health, and therefore, of the importance of mental health education in general. But this post really missed the point. Here's the main point: "Now, more than ever, a large-scale, preventive mental health approach is needed to promote student mental health and well-being." So "A mandatory mental health training would teach students easy-to-implement strategies to manage stress and solidify "mental health literacy" to improve knowledge of mental health." So many problems with this. First, throwing mandatory training to solve a problem almost never solves the problem. Second, mental health is something that all of society needs, not just students. And third, universities aren't exactly the institutions I would trust to offer mental health education. Let's put this properly where it belongs: as a health issue, to be addressed by public health care, for everyone (not just those privileged enough to pay tuition), managed by doctors, with support where needed and requested from other institutions.

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