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Automattic, Apr 09, 2024

Do you sometimes feel like you're just being played? A communications app called Beeper came out of beta today, meaning anyone can use it, no invitation needed. And it also launched an Android app! It was enough to make Alan Levine say "This is cool!" But before we could even send our first message, Beeper was acquired by Automattic. And the fun ended that quickly. The people I feel for are those who helped in the beta testing. The Beeper home page still says "Beeper is an entirely independent software product, with no relationship to, or endorsement by, Apple, Google, Facebook, or any other supported chat networks." I guess they should remove that. Now we'll have to watch as the application is slowly depreciated in order to pay the debt created by the acquisition. Now Automattic isn't the worst place they could land. But when (not if) the company goes public, everything changes. (Having said all that, I still signed up for an account. Part of the job. My username on Beeper: @downes).

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