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This is quite a good article explaining why large language models (LLM) do not violate copyright while at the same time suggesting that copyright is the wrong question to ask. "The ability of generative AI to displace creatives is a real threat and I'm asking a real question: do we want to live in a society where there aren't many incentives for humans to write, paint, and make music?" And while the answer to that question is a qualified 'no', how we answer that question matters. Even with very low incentives, we can produce a glut of mostly useless content. Just look at what social media can generate simply by offering minimal psychological rewards. Do we structure the rewards for certain types of content? Sure, we could - but why would anyone pay good money for human content when equally good content can be produced for almost nothing by AI? I think that we're looking at it wrong when we look at rewards and incentives. That's not why we create art anyways.

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