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I not only read the articles I post here but I also verify the claims they make, when I can. So here we have this: "The Wired story where Sebastian Thrun claimed that his startup would be one of ten universities left in the world? It's gone." Now I can't verify whether Audrey Watters ever wrote this, because a Google search doesn't turn it up (I did find this item from last week, but the claim is not made in it). Just as well. The Wired story is right where they left it (albeit behind a paywall). If you want the full unblocked version, it's on Internet Archive. George Veletsianos uses this 'fact' to set up a criticism of claims about blockchain and technology. That's fair enough, but it's not true that the Woolf University White Paper has vanished. Read it here and judge for yourself how far-fetched it was.

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