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The highlight of this post is a link to Audrey Watters saying I told you so. But the main point is Martin Weller saying "we should assume that generally tech revolutions in education end in a whimper, not a bang. Set your expectations accordingly." Yeah, there's a lot of "I told you so" going around about the demise of Udacity (though it's easy to forget that Coursera is chugging along) and to be sure there's nothing about the Udacity business model that is particularly attractive. If I had a main message to offer, it would be something like "most edtech revolutions aren't edtech revolutions at all". They're inventions of a fickle press that likes to fawn on elite university stars. No. Real edtech is the tens of thousands of people creating and posing new learning content everyday, not only on institutional platforms but also on blogs, video sites, social media, podcasting platforms, and wherever. Mostly nobody's writing about them nothing real in this field happens without them.

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