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Adobe, Mar 13, 2024

Doug Belshaw has some comments about Adobe's announcement of new (LinkedIn-ready)digital credentials. "While it's great that they've suddenly discovered digital credentials... we'd be naive to think that this is a benevolent act," he writes. "Digital credentials could and should be used to recognise lifelong and lifewide learning. They can be used to showcase the breadth of our experience in a holistic way." However, "That's not what brands are interested in... Brands are interested in capturing and enclosing you as data points to be packaged up and sold alongside their proprietary products."  But as Weblearning says, "if public higher education wants to use innovative credentials (open badges, digital certificates etc). They also have to commit to integrating the open recognition infrastructure (the backpacks) with their controlled recognition infrastructure." That, however, has been a step too far for educational institutions, who are forever protective of their turf.

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