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This is something I've thought a lot about. At some point my day job will end, but my pension isn't all that great (forget everything you've heard about 'gold plated' public service pensions). So, like Christy Tucker, I'd like to keep paying the mortgage. That means getting paid... for something. Not for OLDaily - I'll never charge money for this. Nor for my articles and things like slide decks. For me, as with Tucker, "most one-to-many interactions are free." But what then? Not that I get many invitations any more, but if you want me to speak at your conference, I'll need you to cover the expenses. Should I create paid courses? Custom workshops? Join more project proposals like Democrat-Horizon? Write on-demand research reports? All these are interesting ideas that let me keep working from home (or wherever) and let me keep my freedom (from the bank, at least).

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