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The theme of 'beyond blended' does less to unite this report (39 page PDF) than might be expected. As nearly as I can judge from reading the report, the term 'beyond blended' refers to "a more precise and nuanced vocabulary for describing different aspects of 'blended' learning." This vocabulary is, in the first instance, based on four aspects of learning that can be 'blended' (this is my own paraphrase): time (synchronous and asynchronous); space (place and platform); matter (tools, facilities, learning media); organization (groups, roles and relationships). Beyond that, the report can also be read as a series of sections on what can be learned from the pandemic, six pillars for designing, other design frameworks, etc. And that's what's produced in this update, as relayed by Elizabeth Newall in the Jisc blog, with links to these sections as stand-alone resources.

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