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Online media, which had a brief resurgence during the pandemic, is now going through what is describe here as a "bloodbath" with numerous shutdowns and layoffs roiling the field. This article asks the question whether schools should even be offering journalism degrees at all. The experts surveyed, all from journalism schools (and therefore providers of the education being discussed) are unanimous in their agreement that the world still needs journalism programs. Students, unsurprisingly, are less sure. From my perspective, the $126,691 it costs to take a 9.5 month M.S. in journalism at Columbia makes no sense (though to be sure, it's a good way to make sure the authors of articles like this include you in their circle of experts). If the world needs what journalism offers, then maybe the world should find a way to make it more accessible, beginning with opening up Jschool to anyone who is interested and engaged. But there's also a deeper lesson here - and that lesson is the liklihood that the same thing happening to journalism today will happen to education in a decade.

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