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This is a nice response to my commentary from the other day on understanding and meaning in artificial intelligence. There's a lot going on in this response and several different responses are sometimes blended into a single point - for example, Tim Klapdor at one point says "the 'worldview' this AI has isn't worldly, connected or contextual," which is one objection, and then in the same paragraph says AI responses are merely "calculations of the most probable correct answer," which is a second objection. We need two different approaches to respond: on the one hand, suggesting that nothing in principle would prevent an AI from drawing upon a wider context; and on the other hand, suggesting that human knowledge (here characterized as 'triangulation') is also nothing more than calculation. Klapdor also links to a great post by Jennifer Moore making similar points but which reminds me we must distinguiush between whether AI is intelligent now (we agree, it isn't) and whether it ever could be in the future (it could be, in my view). Image: a nice article on understanding by Scott H. Young.

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