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I think there's value to this approach although I think the presentation lacks a certain coherence. The core of the idea, styled awkwardly as 'relevant thinking', is that understanding the relevance of what we are learning is important. Eric Sheninger outlines seven contexts in which this principle arises, and generalizes on these to provide a 'Relevant Thinking Framework', which takes a grid crossing Bloom's cognitive domain on one axis and 'application models' on the other to derive four quadrants ('acquisition', 'assimilation', 'application' 'adaptation') and a set of corresponding technology tools. The Framework to me looks like older (much older) work, and doesn't seem to be connected to 'relevance' at all. Meanwhile, we don't really learn how relevance applies in any detail to any type of learning. And yet - it does apply, clearly. In my view, though, the best way to understand the role relevance plays is through a discussion of relevant similarity in recognition.

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