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It will probably take a while before this hits the academic journals, but if this research pans out, then (as they say) the horses have already left the AI barn. "A whopping 95.3% of the instructional designers interviewed said they use AI in their day to day work. Those who don't use AI cite access or permission issues as the primary reason that they haven't integrated AI into their process." Remember, though, 'using AI' isn't the same as 'using chatGPT'. Though in this case, it probably does: "When mapped to the ADDIE process, the breakdown of use cases goes as follows: Analysis: 5.5% of use cases; Design: 32.1%; Development: 53.2%; Implementation: 1.8%; Evaluation: 7.3%." That 50+% in development is probably all chatGPT. (There's an 8 page PDF available for download, if you pass through the spamwall, but don't bother, it's in huge text and contains less content than the article).

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