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Yes, two Helen Beetham posts in one day. That's the only way I can keep up with them! This one - again too detailed to do justice to here - considers the implications of digital viudeo in general and Sora in particular. There's one line of thought that has become a go-to trope over the lat 18 months: "Synthetic media are fabrications of digital content, not representations of the 'real world'. They are built from whatever biases, profit motives and user compulsions drive the production of that content." This is partially true, obviously. There's also the argument that "promise of accelerated fakes will accelerate the decline of belief in any shared visual reality" - but this of course presumes that (a) we had a shared reality, and (b) that it was accurate, and (c) that this is a good thing. Beetham also asserts "we can work out some concise (if contingent) rules for making our way in the world when we are infants." I don't agree. Cognition is not rule-based. Anyhow, like I said, this shot summary does not do justice to Beetham's post.

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