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Bryan Cantrill, Oxide, Feb 23, 2024

If I had the money I'd just install my own cloud computing system. I could put it in the basement. Or the attic. Of course, I'd have to pay for a persistent internet connection, and the way things are today, I'd probably have to hire someone to manage it for me. But the dream (my dream, at least) is to be able to have this sort of thing at a price people can afford with everything set up. That's why I'm interested in products like Oxide, which arrives in a single box, pre-configured, with all the (open source) software you need, already set up. Now it's still a bit beyond me to either pay for or set up such a system , but I can see it incrementally getting closer, and gradually (one hopes) putting money-farms like AWS out of business. Image: Oxide-Fundzilla.

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