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How often have I read that "learning is and always will be a human process, not a robotic one"? Too many times, and there's no particular reason to believe it's true. But humans and AI can teach, and both humans and AI can learn. But of course what we're interested in in education is human learning, so it a sense saying 'learning will always be human' is a bit tautological. But I've learned tons just puttering with my computer (or with my bicycle, or with my camera, or out in the woods), so it seems silly to say I will always need some other human in order to learn. But this is probably quite true: "most kids will gain far more from building and programming their own robots, like the one in the photo, instead of interacting with robotic tutors." Well, yeah. But that's because tutoring (properly so called) isn't really what most learners actually need.

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